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Request any product at your own Budget or other Terms on Jakomu

Steps to Request:

  • Register/Login on
  • Go to the Navigation Menu and locate the Quick Links section, then click on the Request option.
  • Then fill in the necessary information as below:
  • Email: e.g.
  • Username: sader123
  • Request: Define your request e.g. In need of dry cleaner, Purchase of a smartphone, etc.
  • Category: Select any suitable category e.g. fashion, service, laundry and foods
  • Description: Detailed explanation of the service or product e.g. I need a male dry cleaner who will come for pick and also delivers or I want iPhone 5 smartphone at my own budget.
  • Budget: The stipulated amount you want to pay e.g. #5000
  • Time frame: A specified period of time e.g. 24hours, 2months, or 6months
  • Location: Address for delivery e.g. (83c, Olusola, Sango)
  • Other terms: other things you will want to include in your terms e.g. the packaging, delivery pattern, exact product or something similar.
  • Other details: Other information you want the person to know about e.g. Laundry man must be willing to starch and press the clothes accordingly.
  • Attachment: Good quality image
  • After providing the necessary information, click on the “SUBMIT” Button.

The Jakomu Team will process your request and keep you updated.

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