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Steps to propose:

  • Register/Login to
  • Scroll to the Navigation menu on the header or footer section of the page, locate the “Quick Links” interface, then click on the Propose option which leads to the Propose Page.
  • Fill in the necessary information about your Proposal
  • Email: e.g.
  • Username: adse1234
  • Product Name: Apartment for Co-rent in Ogba
  • Category: Real Estate, Rent
  • Deal Description: Detailed information about the deal e.g. (A two bedroom apartment for co-rent. For not more than two people).
  • Location: e.g. 96, Oyetemi Street, Ogba, Lagos.
  • Quantity: 2 Bedroom apartment
  • Product cost: #100,000
  • Other Costs: Security fee: 20000, Electricity: 15000
  • Total cost: the product cost combined with the other expenses (135,000)
  • Unit Cost: This is cost per unit of the product or could be total cost divided by the quantity.
  • Other details: include any other detail you want the customers to know about the product or service e.g. 24hours power supply, Serene Environment.
  • Attachment: This refers to images describing the product. Kindly attach a clear quality image.
  • After providing the necessary information, click the “SUBMIT” Button and leave the rest to the Jakomu Team for approval.

Thank you.

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