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To meet a Request, Engage now on Jakomu

  • Register/Login on
  • Go to the Navigation Menu and click on “Requests”, where you can view the available Requests.
  • Click on any Request to view details.
  • After viewing, you can either; click on the “Enquire” Button to make enquiry about the product(s).
  • Or click the “Meet” Button.

To meet a Request, fill in the required fields on the form;

  • Username: Full Name e.g. Odunsola Janet
  •  Email: Email address e.g.
  • Job Title: Meeting the Request e.g “Meeting the request of the Smartphone”
  • Statement of Competence: This is a statement describing competence.
  • Procedure: Step by procedure on how you intend to meet the request.
  • Duration: The length of time needed to meet the request e.g. 24hours,82 weeks, etc.
  • Images/Videos of Past Jobs: Good quality images or videos of past work.
  • Certification: any legal or official document obtained. .
  • References: List of referees with their names and phone number.
  • Position on terms: Your opinion concerning the terms of the request.
  • After filling the necessary information, click on the “Send” Button.

Thank you.

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