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How it works

How do I find my way around JakomU?

– Explore the sites single sales, bundle sales, proposals, swaps, or request what you want.
– Buy any quantity from single goods or services at reduced prices and wait for delivery notification.
– Buy any quantity from bundle goods or services at cheaper prices and wait for updates.
– Request goods or services on your own terms and wait for update.
– Share deals, proposals, and request on social media and by word of mouth and implore unending sharing.

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– Sell goods or services fast as singles at reduced prices.
– Sell goods or services faster as bundles at cheaper prices.
– Swap goods or services for goods or services.
– Propose a good or service deal, not yet on the site, that you need others to participate in or buy into.
– Find requests you could offer your goods or services to meet.
– Promote deals, invite, share, and implore unending sharing on social media and by word of mouth.

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